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Prepare to Become a Professional Medical Coder with our Instructor-Led Course

At Accurate Medical Solutions, we understand the importance of career-focused education. That is why we work to make sure that you have access to the training to meet your career goals.

Our instructor-led course offers you a comprehensive curriculum with an instructor-led class each week so that you can successfully complete the course with the skills to help start your new career as a Professional Medical Coder.

16-Week Online Coding Class

Get ready to change your life forever. Our 16-week online medical coding class prepares you to test for the American Academy of Professional Coders™ exam. When you successfully pass the exam, you are instantly a professional coder and ready to hit the job market.

Online Class Expectations

Enjoy learning through our terrific online instruction and tutoring course. Your class is presented by the Go To Meeting online classroom. This accommodating course allows you to ask questions and receive answers immediately.

Pricing Options

Conveniently pay your tuition all at once or easily divide it into four monthly payments. The instructor-led online course tuition is only $2000.00. For your convenience, we offer an easy payment option of four equal payments of $500.00 If you feel you need a payment plan, connect with us, and we work with you.

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Receive wonderful discounts with your tuition payments. By joining our course, your AAPC membership price is slashed from $190.00 to a low $125.00. In addition, you also save on the cost of the exam, paying only $425.00 instead of the standard fee of $499.00



Remember to add school books to your supply list. You will need the Medical Coding Training Book, CPT™, HCPCS™, and ICD 10 CM™. They cost only $350.00 and they are exactly what you want to pass with flying colors.

What type of job can I expect once I pass the AAPC Examination and become a ( CPC )

Medical Coding in a Doctor’s Office

One of the most common positions as a CPC is at the doctor’s office, you’re going to find this is an excellent opportunity.   In a doctor’s office or medical group, you’ll be expected to perform a wide range of job duties which include:

  • Abstracting documentation
  • Reviewing Patient Charts
  • Use of Coding Software
  • Assign Proper Codes

Auditor Educator

Once you have gained experience and knowledge in this field many certified coders transition into auditors and educators.   As an auditor/educator you can assist in educating coders and providers to ensure their documentation supports the codes selected for billing.

Information Technology Companies

As a CPC working in IT, you could find yourself developing software that helps healthcare facilities.   As a medical coder, you will be checking the accuracy of these software programs and ensuring that claims are not rejected due to coding errors.   You may even find yourself as a coder educator.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance companies are interested in your knowledge to verify the accuracy of incoming claims.   The job duties may include determining whether the information that is received for payment is accurate, and they ensure that payments are properly processed.

Registered Nurse (RN) CPC

A special opportunity for Registered Nurses who are also a Certified Professional Coder (CPC).   Making the transition from Nurse to medical coder is more common and natural than you may think.   Many Registered Nurses have made this transition and been able to see a different way of helping patients as an RN coder.


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