CPC Course

Easily increase your income when you receive your medical billing and coding certification through Accurate Appeals Billing & Coding in Gilbert, Arizona. Our classes are designed for your success.

16-Week Online Coding Class

Get ready to change your life forever. Our 16-week online code class prepares you to test for the American Academy of Professional Coders exam. When you successfully pass the exam, you are instantly a professional coder and ready to hit the job market.

Online Class Expectations

Enjoy learning through our terrific online instruction and tutoring course. Your class is presented by the Go To Meeting online classroom. This accommodating course allows you to ask questions and receive answers immediately.

Pricing Options

Conveniently pay your tuition all at once or easily divide it into three monthly payments. The total cost of the online course is only $1,500. For you convenience we offer an easy option of three equal payments of $500. If you feel you need a payment plan, just connect with us and we work with you.

Medical Coder - Medical Coding Certification
Books - Medical Coding Certification


Receive wonderful discounts with your tuition payments. By joining our course, your AAPC membership price is slashed from $160 to a low $90. In addition, you also save on the cost of the exam, paying only $300 out of the standard fee of $380.



Remember to add school books to your supply list. You will need the Medical Coding Training Book, CPT, HCPCS, and ICD 10 CM. The cost only $300 and they are exactly what you want to pass with flying colors.

Contact us in Gilbert, Arizona, to find out more about our encompassing medical billing and coding certification courses.